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“It will end in marriage” Weezdom’s girlfriend claps back at haters poking their noses in her relationship

September 16, 2020 at 16:52
"It will end in marriage" Weezdom's girlfriend claps back at haters poking their noses in her relationship

Weezdom’s curvy girlfriend has been talking a lot on social media; and if I am not wrong, this lady probably has no idea that the internet never forgets!

As seen on her latest post shared on her Instagram page; the young lady who has been seeing Weezdom for months now went on to share a piece of advice with her haters. This is after a few characters here and there threw shade at her relationship with Weezdom saying that they would go nowhere.

However,Staicey who continues investing in her man brushed this off saying that those hating will end up in tears; as she remains positive about her relationship with the former singer.

Lovers, Weezdom and Staicey

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Through her social media pages, Staicey told off the hate comments saying:

Wale wa it will end in premium tears 😂 it will end in Ruracio, marriage and healthy kids😉 Teras will come from you after missing a plate of food at my wedding.

Counting chicks before they hatch?

Well, love does wonders and in this case Ms Staicey is assured that the former singer will end up marrying her. Not bad, but seeing how Weezdom dumped the likes of Niccah the queen; we wouldn’t really start talking about wedding right now.

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The last time we checked, Weezdom revealed that his wife was pregnant; only to realize that the two were clout chasing. Anyway, in these streets it takes a smart mind to survive – and the Weedom’s are doing just that!


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