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‘It’s A Pain That Still Brings Me To Tears’- Willis Raburu On Losing Daughter

July 29, 2022 at 15:38
'It's A Pain That Still Brings Me To Tears'- Willis Raburu On Losing Daughter

Media personality Willis Raburu has reminisced the painful loss of his daughter, who would be his firstborn child with his ex-girlfriend Marya Prude. Willis Raburu’s daughter, who was monikered Adana, died in 2020 at the time of her birth.
According to Raburu, the child passed after Marya started experiencing complications in the delivery room.
Raburu and Marya Prude Ngami split up soon after the death of their daughter, Adana, in January 2020, with his now ex-wife moving out of their marital home. The two had gone through a tough time after they lost their daughter baby Adana after developing complications that led to a stillbirth.

Raburu In Tears

Carrying the pain of losing a loved one is hefty. And Raburu doesn’t like talking about it. Why? He claims it makes him very emotional and he ends up crying. Recently, he shared via his Instagram how he’s deeply hurt when he talks about it.

”I can never forget. It’s a pain that still brings me to tears on certain days. It’s one you deal with one day at a time. One you can’t forget. She is up there making many people laugh.”

Willis continued to explain how the loss has affected his mental health, which he’s yet to talk about publicly.

The 10 over 10 presenter is however, expecting his 2nd child with his current fiancée Ivy Namu.


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