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Its all Juice and sauce!”Pepeta” is the new jam by Rayvanny and he features Norah Fatehi

September 11, 2019 at 14:04


East Africa is now going international at a very fast pace than most us expected. Wasafi’s finest, Rayvanny has clearly proven that music is just a but one language.

Days after he did a campaign song against the Xenophopbia attacks in South Africa, Rayvanny has teamed up with Canadian Singer and actress Nora Fatehi to bring us a much better jam  dubbed “Pepeta”.

Norah  Fatehi

In every sense of creativity this song is  banger and will be staying top of the playlists for sometime. Why?  Look at it this way the song’s teaser got  over 5million views on youtube. Yes just the teaser.

Remember, to Africa not many people know who Norah is till she did this collaboration with Rayvanny.  Key word Africa.

Norah Fatehi is an international talent that has her own large following thus this opportunity is a big sale for Rayvanny if not other East African musicians


This is a feel good love song that involves more of dance than emotions.  Pepeta is Swahili for “sift”, however for this song’s concept its all about whining the waist.

At the beginning of the song Rayvanny starts off with, “Bad Girl you can be my baby mama I wanna take you place we can chill for the summer Your body language Tropicana Private jet we can fly to bahamas Flat tummy chains on your waist ( hayaaah!!! )…….”


This to basically shower his woman with promises of  love and happiness if she gives him a chance. He tells her of all the goodies he  will give her to just make her happy.

As the song continues you realize that is all about dancing to the tune of love. He even dares to say she is better than his ex!!!Ouch! Butt life goes on doesn’t it?

The Norah Comes in with her beautiful vocals of course reminding the man that she is the best that can ever be. She further tells his that nobody can whine better than her when it comes to “Pepeta”. She is  a queen in her Kingdom.


For the song’s  lyrical break down, I must say the duo did a good job and the lyrics are very poetic and best part is they are easy to understand. For that good job.


The composition was  done by S2kizzy and Tizaf Mohcine and directed by Abderrafia El Abdioui. The team did a good job even with the editing and  color mixing too.From East Africa we send love all the way to Canada this is a a big tune!

For rating I will go with 9/10. Watch and tell us what you think.



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