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“ It’s been tough playing both mum & dad” Carrol Sonnie hints that Mulamwah still neglects daughter

May 16, 2022 at 13:07
“ It’s been tough playing both mum & dad”  Carrol Sonnie hints that Mulamwah still neglects daughter

So even after Mulamwah pulled his last stunt trying to convince the public that Keilah Oyando is his kid – looks like he is still holding back the child support.

This was indirectly revealed by baby mama, Carrol Sonnie while speaking to journalists during the launch of her charity project in Buruburu aimed at inspiring, nurturing and training single mums.

Exes: Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie

Well having tasted been dumped by baby daddy immediately after giving birth – looks like Carrol Sonnie not only had to deal with PPD but also had to a nurse a heartbreak.

However judging from how she carried herself on social media after the breakup- we can tell that Mulamwah May have been in this relationship alone – the entire time.

Sonnie as a single mum

With her not showing emotions or acting bothered – seems that baby daddy is also letting her handle everything by herself. Well mostly because she shaved their daughter’s head – knowing very well that Mulamwah’s culture only permits the fellas mother (Keilah’s grandma) to shave off the baby first hair.

Baby Keilah looking like a mini Mulamwah

So having done that meant the baby is not his. Apart from that we also understand Mulamwah last saw his daughter when she was only 3 months and since then – he’s been pulling disappearing acts on her or has been denied access.

Anyway since this is more a private matter – we can’t really take sides. But with time – they’ll probably have this sorted out.

But until then – Carrol May have to continue raising her baby girl on her own; something she says is tough especially when playing both mummy and daddy.

Speaking about her experience as a single mum, the lady told journalists;

I wouldn’t lie that it is easy, it has been tough. It has not been easy because I have to play both the role of a mother and a father. Even when life is tough I must go out there and look for means to provide for my baby.

Weuh – I guess the Wazee haven’t yet reached to an agreement as to how Mulamwah and Sonnie will have to raise Keilah.


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