Its friends like Lilian Muli who keep Betty Kyallo single

Image: Betty Kyallo shares new cute photo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

Lilian Muli is the type of friend who will keep Betty Kyallo single for a very long time. Why am I making this assertion? Because the truth is that single women keep women single. And they achieve this by validating rubbish behaviour and feeding their egoes.

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You see, Betty Kyallo is clearly a terrible partner. We know this because all her relationships have ended in disaster. She was even married at one point in her life and that ended prematurely in a rather spectacular way.

Lilian Muli

Her ex-husband, Denis Okari has largely remained tight lipped as to what happened but the people around him have sometimes spoken on the situation in his defence and while she alleges emotional abuse and neglect, the fact that we all saw her relationship with an outgoing Mombasa Governor and then we did the mathematics to figure out when they started dating did away with her narrative.

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Add to this the simple logical conclusion that it was Betty Kyallo who is the issue with all her relationships as she is not just the greater common denominator in all her relationships but also the fact that her ex-husband has moved on and is now happily married are damning pieces of evidence for anyone capable of deductive reasoning.

Betty Kyallo

And now we get to find out that her friend is Lilian Muli, someone who give her relationship advice… I mean, this is the peanut gallery training the kids that get on the shortbus. A clear case of the blind leading the blind.

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Like Betty, she too is a divorcee who was accused of being unfaithful to her husband. Like Ms Kyallo, she too has had a string of very public relationships that always ended disastrously. Siow what can she possibly teach her younger friend?

Betty Kyallo speaks up

I have a friend who always tells me never to take advice from anyone I am not truly envious of. I have to want what you have in your life for me to even consider approaching you for advice. And Lilian is a disaster as far as relationships are concerned.

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And this is something that I find equally interesting and jarring. We have Betty Kyallo who clearly isn’t done trying to find love turning to her friend who has a rather crappy track record in that field. So we know neither holds the other accountable for their decisions and mistakes.

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Betty Kyallo needs someone who will teach her how to make herself more suitable for a relationship. Instead, she hangs out with someone who tells her she is perfect as she is and the man who wants her will accept her as is. That is trash advice. And it will only result in her being ran through by a plethora of men, further reducing her already low relationship value.

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But anyway, they take good photos when they go out for mimosas and brunch so let them keep cheering each other as they continue to circle the social drain and piss away their most valuable years. I am sure in the next 5 years we will be treated to a collaboration of both Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli shaming Kenyan men who are too smart to tolerate being in a relationship with them.

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