“It’s harmless” Dancer pushing for legalization of marijuana – says she used it while pregnant

For a while now we have been seeing Kenyans on social media pushing for the legalization of Marijuana – but it often falls on deaf ears. Most marijuana consumers in the country actually feel that things got worse after the death of former Kibra MP and weed legalization crusader Ken Okoth who was pushing the matter in parliament.

Late Kibra MP, Ken Okoth

Well, I guess it’s obvious to say that Marijuana is the number one drug used by most artists that is rappers, singers, dancers and others who find inspiration through. Actually most say they use it for recreational purposes which brings us to Carpino the face behind the lady Justice show.

Just like Bien, Nyashinski and many other artistes – Carpino who is a Kenyan dancer based in Italy has come out to push for the legalization of the herb saying she uses it for her craft and that is dancing. Speaking during an interview with People Daily, the bubbly dancer said;

Artistes for long have been negatively associated with abuse of weed which has created stigma around the plant. However we have seen celebrities such as whoopi Goldeberg, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z, Drake; and Mike Tyson make a lot of money which they reinvested in the arts industry.

Smoked during pregnancy

Just to show how harmless the herb is, Carpino says she smoked throughout her pregnancy and baby was just fine through it all. Carpino even shared a video smoking during her second trimester – and one thing’s for sure – she one daring woman.

Dancer cum Lady justice real life show host, Carpino

For the passion of the herb, Carpino has been documenting her dancing sessions through her lady Justice Show – where she also gets to educate her followers on the benefits of the drug.

Her fight however comes at a time when Bien recently announced that he will be quitting jaba and the many drugs he uses on the low…which includes Marijuana.

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