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It’s Her Choice To Suffer, I’m A Millionaire-Mulamwah Criticizes Carrol Sonie For Claiming She’s A Single Mum (Video)

May 17, 2022 at 16:12
It's Her Choice To Suffer, I'm A Millionaire-Mulamwah Criticizes Carrol Sonie For Claiming She's A Single Mum (Video)

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend Carrol Muthoni recently melted the hearts of netizens by visiting homes of single mums and sharing the little she had with them. She went ahead to claim that she knows the pain of being a single mum since she was ‘abandoned’ by her ex-boyfriend Mulamwah. Her conspicuous & massive weight loss was associated with the stress she was undergoing. And she went ahead to claim that it wasn’t her choice since juggling between being a mum & dad has been hectic to her.

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Suffering By Choice?

Mulamwah has now come clean in his defense to state that he’s not neglecting his daughter Keilah. He blames Carrol for blocking him access to their daughter and refusing to co-parent with him. He claims he’s willing & able to provide for both of them if only Sonie cooperates; adding that he’s a millionaire. He shared the sentiments via Presenter Ali’s channel;

”Ukiona mtu ametoka uko nje amesema yeye ni single mother na mimi niko hapa manze. Mimi naeza sema proudly I’m a millionaire. So huezi niambia ati shida ni pesa niko nayo. Shida ni ule mwenye ameweka barrier kati yangu na mtoto…”

Mulamwah continued to claim that he had already made Sonie’s life smooth when they were together; including making her an ambassador. He has admonished Carrol to lower her ego and accept to be taken care of in tandem with her daughter. Mulamwah has maintained that it’s upto Carol to decide the kind of life she wants to live with baby Keilah

Watch Mulamwah’s full interview video below;


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