‘It’s Not Easy Being A Single Mother’- Amber Ray Speaks On Raising Her Son Alone (Video)

It’s really hard to tell if socialite Amber Ray is really a mom. From her exquisite physique, any man would salivate to have a taste of her. But maintaining such a $exy body after having a kid isn’t really a walk in the park. Amber Ray gave birth several years ago, and has a son by the name Gavin; whom she has spent a significant period raising alone.

She often flaunts photos of herself and Garvin hanging out, but not much is known about the real dad of Gavin. But according to reports, the voluptuous socialite sired him with a matatu tout inadvertently, and it happened to be a hit & run. That’s why she was forced to raise him all by herself.

The thought of becoming a mum again scares me” Amber Ray reveals - Ghafla!  Kenya
Amber Ray & her son Gavin back in the day-Google

That being said, Amber Ray claims it has not been an easy journey raising her son by herself. Speaking in a recent interview on Mungai Eve’s channel while she was launching her record label; Amber divulged;

”It’s not easy being a single mother. But nimemanage.”

She also purported that she’s a strict mum who’s raising her son on good principles.

Despite having a son, Amber has been in a couple of relationships; which haven’t really worked out for her. She has tried flashy businessmen Zaheer and Jimal- both of whom she was acting as their 2nd wife. But they’ve definitely contributed to her success.

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