It’s Now Or Never! Diana Marua Opens Up On Plans Of Getting Another Baby This Year

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua has revealed her intentions of planning to have another baby this year. Diana and her hubby share a lovely daughter, Heaven Bahati. Marua is a first time mother while gospel artist Bahati is a second time dad. Diana’s first biological child is Heaven Bahati, and she also pays the role of a mother to Bahati’s elder child.

Diana now says she wants to get another baby. She adds that this is the right time for her and Bahati should make haste since she’s not willing to get pregnant in the next 2 to 3 years. Speaking on her YouTube channel, Diana said,

Never before seen photos of heavily pregnant and lovely Diana Marua!

”Yeah, of course I’m willing to get another one. Anataka mtoi mwingine in future. And me I’m like, we’re not getting babies in future. We get babies right now, tumalize hio story. Nilee watoto mtumalize, we go on with our lives.

Babe, mimi I’m not seeing myself being pregnant in two years or three. If we’re getting babies, we get another baby right now… Wewe unataka tupate mtoi in future.”

The two sweethearts have been sharing couple goals with their fans on social media; leaving haters in awe. They definitely make the best parents. An additional kid will be a blessing to them.

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