“It´s okay to be vulnerable,” Willis Raburu speaks on his healing process

Citizen TV journalist, Willis Raburu is known for his few words and quite never-revealing emotions unless it is too much to bottle in that it all eventually explodes.

Willis Raburu became the talk of town after allegedly splitting with wife, Marya Prude in unclear circumstances, surrounded by lots of controversy.

None of the two has since confirmed nor denied the reports, all we can do is read their minds and try interpret their feelings in their cryptic posts online.

The Raburus

In his recent Insta updates, the 10 over 10 show presenter spoke of relationships and men.

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How men have grown up, being taught to tough it out, not to publicly express their emotions unless they want to be considered ´less of a man´.

He went ahead to condemn societal standards admitting: that it is only in experiencing the feeling, that one is able to heal.

Citizen TV presenter, Willis Raburu

A personal closure that has instead lead to increase in numbers of male cases of suicide. This he believed was a tragedy humanity had brought upon itself.

Male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. It is preventable. Let´s not man up. Let´s not tough it out. Let´s find true strength instead. Let´s show our vulnerability. Let´s stop faking macho bulls*!t. L  et´s change.

Raburu´s post

It just dawned on him that it is okay to express what you feel, become vulnerable and eventually find that inner peace.

I was surprised to learn that it´s perfectly okay to feel uncomfortable – and talk about hard emotions. That the point wasn´t to avoid or fix them. Closeness doesn´t mean everyone feels ´comfortable´ all the time.


If it costs you your peace, it´s too expensive.

However, his word of advice is – be cautious what you let out.

As bad as you wanna address it, some things are better left unsaid, I´m learning.


A dear Mary Ngami went under soon after word started doing rounds that she had been kicked out of her matrimonial home and reportedly replaced by a dashing Ugandan damsel.

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She resorted in committing social media suicide but just before that, she put up a reflective photo of herself with her last message reading:

Mary…Get Yourself Together!

Marya Prude

A post many believed was directed towards the loss of their unborn baby Adana only for it to emerge that the couple was actually fighting greater battles – a split.

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