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“It’s so sad & pathetic” Vera Sidika reacts to body trolls after getting rid of silicon booty

October 07, 2022 at 16:17
"It's so sad & pathetic" Vera Sidika reacts to body trolls after getting rid of silicon booty

Vera Sidika says she no longer has her signature booty following a few health risks on her side and now that she has a family of her own – she will not be risking her life for beauty or fame in the name of big bumbum.

With the new revelation, netizens have since been discussing this on social media with a few applauding her for making a wise choice; while most continue to troll her for her new look…with some saying she now has figureless body.

Well to be honest…the memes are tough and the comments just nasty considering she too is human….but I also guess this is why she got herself a therapist – because weuh the internet is not a safe place.

Stop with the trolls

Having seen some of the comments mocking her and the many content creators doing the same, Vera Sidika earlier today shared a post addressing the body shaming comments.

She wrote;

Honestly speaking people need to stop cyberbullying. Its so sad and pathetic how people enjoy body shaming and trolling online

But then again – there are those who feel she brought this upon herself with the many lies she told about her booty. Just a year ago – Vera Sidika during a QnA post revealed her booty was natural; adding that she has had it since high-school. Oops.

Vera Sidika reveals booty is real

And knowing that the internet never forgets….the trolls keep coming – but hopefully with time they too shall forget this.


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