It’s the right time for Jacque Maribe to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life

Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe crossed my mind a few days ago. Actually, I started thinking about her after I saw a photo of her ex-boyfriend Jowie hanging out with Joe Muchiri at a popular club.

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I began to wonder what became of her and how she got caught up in a murder case that culminated in her dismissal from Royal Media Services (RMS) around this time in 2019.

Jacque Maribe in court

I’m not saying that she is innocent. We will let the courts decide that. I was just not amused with how things played out. Not even one bit.

You see, Jacque is lady we have seen grow from an ordinary reporter to a news anchor and many people, including myself, were really rooting for her and then it was all gone in the blink of an eye.

Some people might say that it is her fault because she did not bother to do a background check on the man that she was gallivanting around town with and that she should have known better but that is; neither here nor there.

When people are in love, like we assume Jacque and Jowie were at some point, they tend to overlook certain things, it’s just human nature in my opinion.

Jacque Maribe

I would not even be surprised if I learned that they are secretly seeing each other now that he has been released from prison. Some of these things are so hard to explain.

In my opinion, if she thinks that is what is best for her then should go for it. Looking back has never helped anyone and if she really ended things she should pick up the pieces and rebuild her life.

Although we would like to see her back on our screens, the chances of that happening are very slim but who said she can only be a journalist, I read somewhere that she is also an actress. I believe she can get back to doing that because as they say, when one door closes another opens.

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