It’s time Mulamwah maintained sharap about Carol Sonnie

Image: Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

Just as the headline reads, Mulamwah needs to start exercising silence and restraint when it comes to his dealings with Carol Sonnie. We get it, he is a man who claims he was betrayed and as such, he is out for revenge but at this point in time, the more he speaks out, the more he comes off as a weak man -or I should say, weaker man.

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You see, he has been talking about and telling all regarding his relationship and the breakup thereafter that he claims was caused by Carol Muthoni’s infidelity and that song is now worn out. He has accomplished what he wanted to; cleaning himself of the entire abortive love affair but now he is taking things too far.

Exes: Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie

As such, any sympathy people might feel for the comedian and nurse are now being frayed by his constant whining and bitching. He wanted the world to know he believed his ex was a cheat. Congratulations, mission accomplished. He wanted us all to understand why he was not as active in the life of the daughter she claims is his. Congratulations, mission accomplished.

Mulamwah’s Millions

That now raises the question of what more he could possibly want. He needs to leave this matter to rest because of two reasons: the first being that he cannot out victim a woman and the second that it will damage his brand because the advertising world is not going to forgive him for going after a woman -femme uber allez.

Mulamwah with baby mama, Carol Sonnie

To explore the first issue I spoke of previously, Carol has been running to the media and playing the victim. I mean, if what he says is true and she was unfaithful to him, she is painting herself as being the opposite: a wounded single mother who was spurned by a jealous and controlling man. That is the image of herself that she cast while on her interview at Radio Jambo with Japanni Massawe. And it was so effective that when she was done, she received a full medical cover courtesy of Dr Ofweneke and whichever insurance company he has a contract with.

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Meanwhile, no one has risen up to offer our comedic nurse any assistance. No one has come forward to offer to pay for him to get therapy, no one has offered to come and mentor him, no one has offered him any sort of medical coverage. That is very telling. I mean, one would expect Dr Ofweneke who was cheated on by his ex, Nicah the Queen, to be on Mulamwah’s side but he is a simp in a very female-centric society (Kenya is exactly that) and as a result, he has thumbed Mulamwah’s nose.

The real reason however why this is a terrible idea is that he is a brand that doubtless wants to cash in on his brand. That means he has to be in the good graces of the feminists who run the advertising industry. And make no mistake about it, they are very powerful and we saw an example of just how powerful they are when they successfully cancelled Shaffie Weru, Dj Joe Mfalme and Neville.

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But if he knows he is not under their thumb and he has no intention of prostituting his brand to the highest bidder then by all means, let him continue making as many yelps as his lungs can support.

Also, it is just time for him to move on. He is in a new relationship and it cannot be doing him nor his partner any good for him to constantly be chatting mad about his ex. He should be putting all his effort into making that relationship work. It all boils down to prioritization.

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