Ivan Don and Zari Hassan’s last born son Lil Q already looking like an 18 year old only at 13! (Photos)

Image: The late Ivan Ssemwanga with his youngest son

Zari Hassan’s last born son with the late Ivan Don is finally a teen! However it appears that Zari is either over feeding him or the teenage hormones have been kicking in quite strong!

This past weekend despite the current lock down, Zari Hassan chose to celebrate her baby boy’s birthday now that he is finally a teenager!

Through her Instagram page, Zari Hassan went on to share a never before seen photo of Lil Q; leaving many talking since his appearance and age don’t really seem to add up! Well this is because lil Q looks more of like an 18 year old in terms of the body size – however we all know he is not yet legal.

Lil Q with his late daddy, Ivan Don

The boss lady celebrated her son’s special day in a short message where she wrote;

Happy birthday to my lil q aka Ivan Junior. You’ll forever be mummy’s bae no matter how big you get. 13 these days looks like 18

Zari’s baby boy, Lil Q

In her message, Zari praised him for growing up so fast not forgetting to add the fact that he looks everything like the late Ivan Don.

Looking at the photos it’s quite evident to notice the resemblance Lil Q has with his late daddy, especially around his mouth region. What’s more surprising is that all Zari’s son seem to have matured overnight especially since their mum is often busy with the youngest siblings, Tiffah and Nillan!

Lil Q aka Ivan Junior

Nillan Dangote

Just a few days ago, Zari Hassan celebrated her baby boy Nillan as her MCM for always being responsible; and unlike Tiffah – Zari also revealed that her young man basically raised himself.

In the post, the mother of 5 also went on to mention that unlike most kids; Nillan never showed any signs of competition in terms of attention – probably because he learnt it from his older brothers!


However we cannot forget to applaud Zari for being a super mum on social media!

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