Jackie Matubia honours her autistic brother’s birthday.

Image: Jackie Matubia hints on new found love

Jackie Matubia, a renowned actress and advocate for neurodiversity, has taken to social media to celebrate the birthday of her brother, Hope Mwangi, who has become an inspiration as an “autism superstar.”

In a heartfelt post, Jackie expressed her admiration for Hope’s resilience and determination, stating that he has proven that “disability is not inability.” She highlighted his accomplishments, including winning gold at the Special Olympics World Games, and commended his athletic prowess despite being autistic.

Jackie’s celebration of Hope serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and breaking down stereotypes associated with neurodivergence. She has been a vocal advocate for recognizing the unique abilities and talents of individuals with autism, advocating for their inclusion and empowerment.

Jackie’s message is particularly significant as it comes during a time when awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity are gaining momentum. Her words can inspire others to embrace their differences and recognize the potential that lies within each individual.

As Hope celebrates his birthday, Jackie’s message of love, pride, and support serves as a testament to the unbreakable bond between siblings and the power of family.

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