Jackie Matubia Responds To Allegations Of Being ‘Toxic’

Matubia’s fellow thespian Rowa recently came to expose the actress for not giving her credits for being part of her production team for her series dubbed ‘Toxic’.

According to Rowa, she reached out at the actress to request recognition, to which Matubia remained reluctant to respond to.

Rowa took to her Instagram to call out Matubia and even asked her to spell her name correctly.

“Jackie Matubia just called me bitter and insecure just because I asked for my credits on her show to be written correctly. Bitter and insecure and you can’t spell my name correctly,” Rowa wrote in her Instagram stories.

Rowa continued to support Matubia as she requested her fans to continue watching the series despite them not receiving their pay.

“Anyway watch ‘Toxic’ and make her the money she never paid us. A befitting name for the show for the befitting creator,” said Rowa.

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Matubia responds

In response to the latter paramount allegations, Matubia went ahead to admonish Rowa to share screenshots of the conversation they had.

“She saying I talked rude, if you want to come out and say someone has done, don’t quote, give the screenshots,” Matubia stated

Their predicaments remain unsettled as fans wait for more evidence from Rowa’s accusations.

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