Jackie Matubia: Toxic males are adored by Kenyan women!

Actress Jackie Matubia reveals that her upcoming web series telenovela, ‘Toxic,’ draws inspiration from Kenyan women’s fascination with toxic relationships.

Penned by the late actor Charles Ouda, the series is slated to premiere on Matubia’s YouTube channel on the 17th of this month.

Matubia, also serving as the executive producer, will share the screen with Mike Saruni, portraying the main characters.

“Mike Saruni embodies this charming, handsome, yet addictive character. It’s a Kenyan phenomenon, women being drawn to toxic men who exude charm. That was the essence Charlie captured in his writing, and Mike Saruni effortlessly fits into that role,” Matubia explains.

Reflecting on Ouda’s involvement, Matubia admits initial uncertainty following his passing in February. However, she remained committed to realizing their shared vision.

“This project was our joint endeavor, and continuing it solo after Charlie’s demise was daunting. But I persevered, driven by the memory of our collaboration. Despite the challenges, I pressed on, knowing Charlie would have wanted me to,” Matubia reflects.

The bond between Ouda and Matubia had grown stronger over the past year and a half, making his absence deeply felt.

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