Jacque Maribe Celebrates Son Zahari’s 10th Birthday

Former Citizen TV personality Jacque Maribe beamed with pride as her son Zahari turned 10 years old. Sharing her joy on Instagram Stories, Maribe called Zahari “the greatest honour of my life” and congratulated him on reaching this milestone.

Maribe showered her son with love, posting “adorable” photos and expressing her gratitude:

“I am so grateful I got you, Zee. My entire heart, my pride, and joy.”

In a previous post, Maribe shared a more personal story about her journey to motherhood. It was a bittersweet experience, marked by struggles before Zahari’s arrival.

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The media personality divulged that she had mis-carriages before giving birth to her son Zahari.

Maribe mentioned her then-partner’s request to delay future pregnancy attempts.

Despite occasional clashes with Zahari’s father, Maribe is portrayed as a fiercely protective mother. She had issues with paternity of the boy, with Eric Omondi being the center of it all. Even though Eric denied being Zahari’s biological dad, he promised to take care of the boy.

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