Jacque Maribe Talks About Her Relationship With Dennis Itumbi

Media character Jacque Maribe has confessed about her relationship with Boss Managerial Secretary ICT Dennis Itumbi and columnist Sam Ogina.

The mother of one explained in a post via online entertainment that she has never been in a heartfelt connection with both of the two.

Maribe likewise tended to claims that she denied her supposed child daddy Eric Omondi, the chance for a DNA test on their child.
Maribe suggested that she has been helpful in the entire issue of paternity test.

She went on to communicate her disappointments over individuals hauling Ogina into the show.

“Road trip to heal the mind and gratitude for sane friends. Also, let me clear the air here publicly. Leave my friends alone. How and why is my friend Sam Ogina being dragged into unnecessary drama? We have never dated. Just like you said I dated Dennis Itumbi. Leave me alone,” Maribe said.

The previous Resident television anchor underscored that she had never been in a close connection with the two.

Back in January, Maribe, apparently jokingly, presented Itumbi as her dad’s child in-regulation in an Instagram story.

She had imparted a subtitled photograph of Itumbi to her dad.

“Mr Maribe and his child in-regulation, regardless of what anybody says, we remain family,” she said.
This raised theories about her relationship status.

Kenyan Comic Eric Omondi then again had recently said that he met Jacque when she was involved with Ogina.

Afterward, Maribe educated him regarding her pregnancy prompted the introduction of her child who has been at the focal point of his quarrel with the previous TV sovereign.

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