Jaguar: Despite the President’s invitation, Miracle Baby turned down entrance to KNH

Former Starehe MP Charles Jaguar has reacted to a viral video depicting ongoing fundraising efforts for Miracle Baby, also known as Peter Mwangi, despite an earlier assurance from President William Ruto to cover all his medical expenses.

President Ruto had pledged on 5th March to cater for Miracle Baby’s medical bills and arranged for his transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

However, an update from US music promoter Bernice Saroni revealed that financial support was still needed, citing a daily requirement of Sh135,000 for Miracle Baby’s nursing care at home.

Bernice explained in her video that despite assurances of financial aid from the President, Miracle Baby’s family faced challenges, prompting them to organize fundraising events to cover medical expenses.

This development raised questions about the status of Ruto’s assistance, leading Nairobi News to seek clarification from Jaguar.

In response, Jaguar disclosed that Miracle Baby had declined admission to Kenyatta National Hospital.

According to Jaguar, Miracle Baby felt uncomfortable after just two hours of admission and opted to return home to await a scheduled surgery four weeks later.

“I advocated for assistance for Miracle Baby and his family from President Ruto. They received Ksh300,000 for home care, and an ambulance arranged by the President transported him to the hospital,” Jaguar revealed.

“Despite being offered a private room with daily specialist checks and free care, Miracle Baby chose to leave after only an hour.”

Expressing frustration with the situation, Jaguar questioned the next steps and the President’s response, given his direct involvement in facilitating help for Miracle Baby.

“How can we progress when such opportunities are declined?” Jaguar wondered.

“I personally introduced Miracle Baby to the President, who agreed to help. The situation has been further complicated by the refusal to provide medical supplies.”

Miracle Baby has been hospitalized at a Kiambu hospital for the past two months and recently underwent his third surgery, indicating a challenging medical journey for the artist.

Efforts to reach Carol Katrue for comment by Nairobi News remained unsuccessful at the time of publishing this story.

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