Jalang’o Advices Men To Start Showing Emotions After Omosh’s Incident- ‘I Think It’s Time Men Cried’

As a man, the society perceives you as being strong both physically and emotionally. Most of the times, men who bring out their emotional side are termed as ‘weak’ and unable to leads. The male dominated society has for a long time been upheld, until women started getting the same opportunities. Men should also bring out their emotional side, and Kiss Fm’s Jalang’o tends to agree strongly on this.

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Comedian Jalang’o has his own YouTube TV station, where he hosted Tahidi High’s Omosh. After his story, Jalang’o encourages men not to withhold their tears. They should cry often, and share their problems to others. He adds that most men commit suicide because they feel ashamed of being termed as weak.

You’re a man, unafaa ujikaze kisabuni, inafaa ushikilie machungu. You should never show. And I said, no. I think it’s time men cried. Just cry, just let it out. Talk to somebody. Somebody will hear you.

And that is why there are so many suicide cases among men. Out of 10 suicides, 9 are men… You meet a man just talking to himself kwa barabara. Nikama anachizi…”

The latter seems to be true. Last year, there was a wave of many men committing suicide all over the world.

Men should take the advice of Jalang’o. While ladies are perceived as emotional, men should also open up about their problems and let out their emotions.

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