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Jalang’o Announces Exit From Radio And TV- ‘I Need To Pass The Mic To The Next Jalang’o’

January 20, 2022 at 10:46
Jalang'o Announces Exit From Radio And TV- 'I Need To Pass The Mic To The Next Jalang'o'

Radio personality Jalang’o has reiterated his exit from the media as he aims at clinching a seat in parliament in the upcoming general elections. The Langata MP hopeful has been on a campaigning spree recently, which requires a lot of dedication & time. This is one of the reasons that has expedited his exit from radio (Kiss FM).

Jalang’o disclosed that Kiss FM would be his last radio job.

This is my final journey on radio because I have started my own things. I plan to have my media and I started Jalang’o TV on YouTube,” he said.

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Dropping The Mic

It won’t be easy for his radio fans to bear with his exit from Kiss FM. He has already built a good chemistry and rapport with Kamene that hooked listeners. And this is why he’s looking forward to bring in the ‘next Jalang’o’ as he exits the station.

He shared on his Insta stories;

”Jalang’o drops the mic.

”Stage…radio… Tv… coming to an end.

We are about to hang up the boots… Take new challenge…

But we can’t just drop the mic down… I need to pass it to the next Jalang’o.”

The comedian said he was joining politics because he was tired of crying for change yet he could make the change himself. His political ambition may become solid if he manages to clinch the seat. All the best to him.


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