Jalang’o declares interest in presidential seat but does he stand a chance?

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Jalang’o says he would like to be the president of Kenya one day and the question I found my self asking is whether he would have a chance and I have to admit something very troubling to myself: this is Kenya. We vote like fools so he probably doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

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You see, he is a fresh face that many would feel is untested. Add to this the fact that he is not a political scion from one of the families we have convinced ourselves are royalty so when he decides to throw his hat into the arena, he will be outmatched and outgunned.

Multi-talented media personality, Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has stated he has an interest in a political seat

Jalang’o has what it takes for him to vie for political office but I would caution him against pursuing the top office in the land. You see, if he were to set his eyes on being an MCAS, he would clinch it without having to spend a cent on buying voters.

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If he had his eyes set on an MP seat or even a senatorial seat, he would clinch it by applying a lot of elbow grease to the attempt. He has the clout and reknown and he has cemented his legacy as a top brand and he is known as a charitable soul. Infact, he is even more notable than singer Jaguar and he had an easy time clinching the Starehe seat.

MC and comedian, Jalang’o

But beyond that, he would be coming up against the defined interests of political godfathers and bigwigs. He would be trying to disrupt set political status quos that the top principles in Kenyan politics would have an interest in challenging.

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But perhaps Jalang’o would have a better chance doing just that. Bear with me… Kenyans are tired. Kenyans are angry. Kenyans want a change and they are willing, now more than ever, to get rid of the clowns they elected to office who seem set on keeping Kenyans on their hands and knees as they ram them and the economy in quick succession.

Jalang’o could potentially win political office but the presidency?

If there is ever a time for a man in Jalang’o’s position to eye the top seat, it would be now. Kenyans are sick and tired of the uhuru Kenyatta led garbage government which has instituted Covid 19 lockdowns without bothering to institute any social welfare programs to take care of those most affected. Kenyans are tired of the looting and stealing that has gone on in the government led by Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto.

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Kenyans are tired. And perhaps he would be a breath of fresh air. At this point, I would argue that convincing Kenyans to take a risk and place their collective destiny in the hands of a new variable is better than trying to do the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

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