Jalang’o Explains Why Relationships Rarely Thrive In Nairobi (Video)

‘Ogopa Kanairo’ is a popular slang used by netizens in matters regarding all the mischiefs that happen in the city. One of the most popular mischiefs that defines the slang is relationships; which rarely last. Radio presenter and comedian Jalang’o is in agreement with this sentiment; and states that it’s hard for Nairobi men to keep up with a relationship. Why?

Well, according to Jalas, men are always held up with more responsibilities than just relationships. While speaking on Kiss Fm alongside Kamene Goro, the two presenters reiterated that it’s very hard for men to focus on relationships since they are occupied with very many things; including financial restraints that they have to deal with.

Jalang’o stated that Nairobi men always wake up to numerous responsibilities; which prevaricate their attention from keeping relationships.

”A typical Nairobi man is already thinking of the end of the month. Apa katikati kuna stress mbaya. Utakula nini? Utafika tao namna gani? Utatumia mathe nini? Utalala wapi? Yaani, each and every day, already you’re dating somebody stressed. You’re already in a relationship with a stressed man. Let’s just be honest. So what only helps a Nairobi man is either ameingia kwa Bwana, deep into God, ama ni mlevi chakari… So, you are not in the priority. If a Nairobi man lists his priority, relationship comes number 5 uko…”

Kamene continued to support Jalang’o saying that women should stick to meeting such men in the bar only; without necessarily seeking for a relationship… Or else it’ll end in premium tears.

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