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Jalang’o gets it rough after a suggestive photo of him with teen socialite Shakilla emerged

September 29, 2020 at 14:25
Jalang’o gets it rough after a suggestive photo of him with teen socialite Shakilla emerged

Popular Kenyan comedian, Jalang’o has left fans speculating after a photo of him with a dear 19-year old Shakilla went viral.

This is after the ratchet lass during her InstaLive yester night with Xtian Dela proudly admitted she had bedded more than 30 men, including prominent personalities and still counting.

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In the trending post, the two lock arms and beautifully pose for a photo that she captioned “Foto moto 📸🔥🔥”.

Jalang’o with teen socialite Shakilla

Jalango comes clean

Shocked by the early morning reports about the socialites crude ways that have spread like bush fire, the Kiss FM presenter tried to defend himself, explaining how they ended up together.

According to the content creator, they happened to meet during a restaurant opening and just like he would do for any other of his fans, he gladly took a photo with the then innocent-looking babe.

Ms Shakilla

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Only to later come across ugly reports of the 19-year old and her kind of personality behind closed doors, that left his jaws dropped.

I was so shocked because when I met her, she looked like such an innocent girl. These children have decided to kill their parents. Imagine as a parent and you see the insides and outsides of your daughter being shown all over the Internet, sadly remarked Jalas.

His photo with Shakilla sparked online uproar with many speculating the two had something going on;

thee_mars._ Shakilangooo😂😂😂😂


__culture_bohboh najua kesho umepanga kusema jalangoo aliku kidnap


bbarram Jalango na kitambi utawezana😔


kamoni._ Umeamua lazima upate range rover atakama utadinywa na jalango 


african_yolo Utajua Jalango si KRG the Don😂💥🔥💯💦


lifeascephas From krg tu jalangoo next ni nani😂😂😂💔


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