Jalang’o is right about men, dating and Maureen Waititu

Maureen Waititu has been the topic of conversation the past couple of days as she made herself the subject of pity when she first came out with her pity-party approach to announcing the demise of her marriage to Frankie Kiarie aka Frankie Just Gym It.

“There are men out here ready to take care of you and the kids!” Jalang’o tells Maureen Waititu to focus

When she first spoke about the matter, she painted herself out to be the single mother trope who had been abandoned emotionally by her man who was not quick to shut down interest from random women on social media and in real life.

maureen waititu

One thing I am pretty sure about is the fact that both Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu are neither the victim nor are they innocent, they both contributed to the current situation.

What Maureen Waititu’s interview reveals about her mindset

That notwithstanding, Maureen Waititu was more than happy to place a disproportionate amount of the blame on Frankie Just Gym It implicitly and by not clarifying things.

maureen waititu

And to make matters worse, things have now been clarified and it has become clear that Maureen Waititu was manipulating public emotions to make herself out as the victim of a situation she created. And to make matters worse, Frankie Just Gym It is now hooked up with another woman and they are even expecting a baby. All the while, Maureen Waititu is single and perhaps has only gotten to enjoy entanglements if anything.

Why Okari and Frankie moved on but Betty Kyallo and Maureen Waititu can’t

So today when I heard Jalang’o speak on the matter, it piqued my interest to hear him say that Maureen Waititu needs to relax because many men would be more than willing to date, marry her and even help her raise her children.

maureen waititu

Let us first start by reminding ourselves that this is the guy who was sleeping around and dogging on his wife and he is outchea giving relationship advice and then let us remember that what he has said is actually one hundred per cent true!

Maureen Waititu: Revenge is a dish best served cold

Maureen Waititu is probably well aware from all the DMs that she doubtless gets, that many a man would be more than willing to date her and even marry her. However, when we scrutinize the type of men we are speaking about, things aren’t as rosy as that.

maureen waititu
Maureen Waititu

No high value, high-net-worth men will be beating down the door to date her. They have plenty of options. The last thing they will focus on is a woman who comes with the baggage of children let alone the offspring of another high-value male.

So Maureen Waititu would have to settle for lower value men and alternatively, settle for being a second or third wife. now, understand that this is not a dig at anybody, this is simply me saying the truth that while there are many men willing to date single mothers, most of them do so out of compulsion of circumstances then they make their necessity a virtue.


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