ODM watamchuja! Jalang’o political career is in doubt

Jalang’o seems to be the rebel in ODM and the Azimio coalition which we cannot imagine to be a tenable position for either of the parties involved and we suspect that his bright political career might already be on it’s descent.

Jalang’o Hints On Kamene Goro’s Return To Radio

The reason for this is that he is seen not just as a contrarian but an out-and-out traitor and turncoat. This first started when he went out to State House to have “tea” with President Ruto.


Jalang’o’s supporters and detractors alike felt with was a political faux pas as he was inadvertently being used to legitimize the president’s tenure given his own political party is of the position that the elections were rigged.

Can Jalang’o survive if Raila dumps him like garbage?

Since then he seems to be revelling in playing the role of party traitor as he routinely undermines the party’s public stance by issuing contradictory statements. When the party called for mass action on Monday, 3rd of March, he stated he would not be partisan as the “holiday” is not a gazetted one.

Multi-talented media personality, Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o

His constituency, Lang’ata is a hotbed for ODM and UDA political rivalry. His political party’s support (ODM is what saw him rise to success as he was an untested and novel pick.

Was Jalang’o Right To Meet Ruto?

So what happens once they turn their backs on him? UDA already has their preferred candidate, Nixon Korir. The vast majority of ODM’s grasroot supporters vote according to political lines as advised by the party. So will Jalang’o have a leg to stand on once he is rejected by the party?

Jalang’o graduates

While that remains to be seen, I am not too confident in his ability to rise to the occassion once again as let’s just face it, he rode ODM’s coattails to the August House.

Jalang’o is learning that politics doesn’t end after winning elections

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