Jalang’o Rehires Employee Who Stole Money From Him

Lang’ata Member of Parliament, Jalang’o, has rehired his former employee, Eli Omundu, who fled his home in 2022 after stealing money from his car.

According to Jalang’o’s close friend Billy Miya, Omundu and another employee, Morrison Litiema, absconded with Sh2.5 million.

In a TikTok video uploaded on September 17, Omundu appeared joyful after being reemployed by Jalang’o. He was seen wearing an apron while cleaning the compound.

In the video, Omundu told Jalang’o that he was happy to be back at work and that even God was pleased.

When Omundu and Litiema fled with the money in June 2022, Jalang’o said that he had forgiven them, but vowed not to rehire them. He explained that the community where they lived would not allow them back, even if he wanted to.

Some people on social media praised Jalang’o for giving Omundu a second chance, while others expressed concern that he could steal again.

One person commented, “I hope he has rehired both of them, otherwise next we’ll hear that he killed them and dumped them in a septic tank…Jalas should also learn that you can forgive and let go.”

Another person wrote, “Awoooh this is soo nice everybody requires a second chance.

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