Jalang’o is right, the establishment is scared of the idea of him running for office

Jalang’o recently joked about considering vying for political office and I was of the opinion (and still am) that he stands a great chance at vying for any office other than the presidency and you can read about that here:

Jalang’o declares interest in presidential seat but does he stand a chance?

Anyway, the comedian cum events MC cum radio personality is currently seeing just how scared the idea of him running for public office has made some individuals because they too can see what I am seeing: he can actually win and do so in dominant fashion.

MC and comedian, Jalang’o


Jalang’o has everything that any Kenyan would traditional be attracted to in a leader. he is charismatic, he is sociable and he seems like a genuine guy. Whether or not that last one is true is immaterial as we do not know whether the existing politicians are truly genuine but that is how they portray themselves.

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And he also has a huge support base. Perhaps the argument can be made that this is simply showbiz clout but in the past, we have seen examples of people who were able to convert that same showbiz base into actual political support and they won political seats.

Jalang’o during his graduation day

And Jalang’o needs to make up his mind and do so quickly because I can guarantee you that the truth of the matter is that his political opponents whether real or perceived are already plotting and preparing for him.

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This is not the type of field in which you get in and anticipate that people will act with integrity or try to play nice. And he needs to decide where he will seek office and begin to lay down the groundwork because his opponents are.

Multi-talented media personality, Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o

Another issue for him is the fact that a lot of conmen might also have started using his name not only for mileage but to get money from people fraudulently. And by the time he has made up his mind, his image will have suffered irrevocably.

But the fact still remains, Jalang’o is a real political threat for a lot of sitting MPS, Senators and Governors and the political class has taken note to some of his jokes and are proceeding as if he has already thrown his hat into the arena.

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