Jalang’o: The reason why I left t Alex Mwakideu was because of money

Comedian Jalang’o has been hoping around radio stations lately, with Milele FM being his latest home. At Milele, the comedian rejoined his friend Alex Mwakideu who he worked with at Radio Maisha before he ditched him for Hot 96.

Jalas recently opened up on why he ditched the station and his friend behind saying money came in between them. The offer was so sweet that Jalango had to leave.

Blame money

“What happened is when I left Maisha and he stayed there we only left the Maisha we did not leave the friendship.” he said.

“So I think if there is one person I hang out with is still Alex even when we were apart and guys kept on asking now you guys why are you lying to us that you are not together anymore you need to get yourselves back here. But anyway my reason for leaving Alex was very very simple. It was money. So I went somewhere where I was needed not where I was loved,” he stated.



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