Jalang’o to ladies: If you are in an illicit relationship it should remain a secret. You are there for the money, get your money and keep quiet

Comedian Jalang’o has some advice for ladies who are involved in illicit affairs with older men. After what happened to Sharon Otieno recently, the comedian has come out to warn women in such affairs saying that they should now what they want first in such relationships.

“The death of Sharon Otieno has become a subject of discussion…This is a message to the ladies that have a sponsor, you have decided that you will have a sponsor, someone else’s husband. It’s something that is happening, we cannot bury our heads in the sand, sponsors exist. When you have a sponsor know that you are in a very illicit relationship. Know what you want, you are in an illicit relationship all you want is money and the old man wants to have a good time with you. Underline good time. You get your money, you are maintained well and you will be destroying another woman’s relationship,” He said on Milele FM.


The comedian went to assure ladies that men with families will do everything to protect themselves and their reputation and therefore ladies should be always aware of this.

“You have to be careful about everything because this person is protecting his family as much as he is a relationship with you. When you are in this kind of relationship eat the money and keep quiet, don’t complicate things. Anytime you try to blackmail them you are putting yourself in trouble,” he said.

Jalango added:

“Mambo ya kuanza kushika mimba na kutumia kama blackmail itakuingisha kwa mambo mbaya sana. You are in an illicit relationship and that should remain a secret. You are there for the money, get your money and keep quiet without complicating things. Having a sponsor is very risky and very dangerous, ”Jalas said.

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