“Jalangoo you ran away with my cash and you know it!” Wendy Waeni exposes renown Radio Presenter

Image: Jalango and wendy

Jalang’o this past weekend was exposed by  Wendy Waeni, an 11 year old performer who refers president Uhuru Kenyatta as her biggest  fan. So far she has performed for prominent people and occasions proving that she is a gifted young lady with a bright future ahead of her.

Wendy Waeni
Wendy Waeni and president Uhuru Kenyatta

However, seems that Jalang’o who is renown radio presenter cum comedian rubbed the young girl’s management the wrong way after thinking he would get away with her Ksh. 5,000 as revealed.


We learnt this through Wendy Waeni’s social media pages where she threatened to expose her chats with Jalang’o which would be clear proof that the fella got away with her money moments after texting her  “i dont have cash right now but by the time you are reaching town i will have sent you the cash am rushing to the Bank.”

She wrote saying;

Ok, @jalangoo you have made people believe that you never ran away with my cash, Can we do a deal to rest this case for the world to know who is lying and who is saying the truth? Jalas lets do a deal, Can i post the chat screenshots here that clearly proves my case?? And if i do so,what will you do? Lets make a clear deal,the world is watching,Bring it on now…

The young girl’s management went on to add,

To rest my case:
■ @jalangoo you ran away with my cash and you know it.
■I can assure you that even after 50yrs from now God Willing i will still remind you or daughter the same.
■I challenged you to deny that you used the following words from your mouth that “i dont have cash right now but by the time you are reaching town i will have sent you the cash am rushing to the Bank”,you havent denied those words.
■I can swear in Gods name that you ran away with my cash that you had agreed to send,can you do the same??
■Finally let it be on record that at no point i have said i need the cash,i just reminded you about an evil you did to me which you know its true,you can use the cash to buy some foodstuffs and visit a childrens home,

Jalango on the other hand wrote to say,

Jalango and wendy
Jalango and wendy

Rarely do i do this but iam forced to….This is a brilliant young girl with a great future ..her name is @wendywaeni and i think she is 11. On my show Jalango with the money i had a segment called Next on stage…this was a platform to showcase your talent…after hosting her on Radio through his manager they requested that i host them on the show…Which i did…just like i hosted over 100 other celebrities…Sad that today when i asked and commented on her opinion about Eddy kenzo being the ambassador of KTB she got irked and said that i ran away with her money 4500 ? I was like really 4500 for what?
Did we agree on a pay for appearing on a show you begged to be in? Did we even call you for the show? And why 4500? Was there such agreement?

1. I know its not her that run her account but the manager
2. You have a great future @wendywaeni…dont allow yourself to go this direction of abuse
3. You may want more doors opened for you…dont close the few
4. You are 11 years ..as you climb up dont break the ladder you might need it on your way up.
5. There are people we owe and those that owe us they are still our clients and we are there friends.
6.God bless you in your career and may your dreams come true.

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