Jalas reveals Kamene Goro set for a return to radio

Image: Kamene Goro

Jalas recently during a red carpet interview revealed that his former co-host Kamene Goro will be back on the radio after a short hiatus ever since she parted company with her former employer KISS 100.

Kamene Goro is regretting wasting her chance at Kiss 100

This will be great news for the former radio personality who sends her departure from the airwaves has simply been partying and hyping up bars and restaurants.


Although he has remained mum on the question of which registration she will adopt as a new home, it is safe to say that wherever Kamene Goro lands will be that much richer with talent.

The most powerful lesson we learn from Kamene Goro

We look forward to seeing where she will earn as her journey on radio continue shattered heart NRG radio before being pushed in a rather spectacular fashion along with her coworkers and produces when KISS 100 came calling for her services.


She left for the morning show alongside controversial podcaster and YouTuber Andrew Kibe, Xtiandela her producer and Diallo. Kamene Goro however, outlasted everyone she was put with before she too was shown the door when she and the company failed to come to terms as they were renegotiating the contract.

Oga Obinna Pens Emotional Goodbye Message To Kamene Goro

When all is said and done it is clearly a solid plan to get yourself and networking heavy-hitters like Jalango who seems to have pull some strings to get his friend a job.

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