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Jameni zimetosha! Mixed reactions as Rono Chebet shares more bikini photos

January 10, 2022 at 14:48
Jameni zimetosha! Mixed reactions as Rono Chebet shares more bikini photos

Over the December holidays comedian cum media personality Rono Chebet got to flaunt hot new body; months after she embarked on a weight loss journey that – sort of – came in handy with a new body frame.

Seeing this of course her fans started sending congratulatory messages for having shed so much weight in just a few months. Others went on to ask for tips – you know, see if her workout and dieting plans can work for them too.

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But as always there are those who felt she needed to work on lose skin (that comes after weight loss) before parading her body on social media. I know the internet can be mean but I didn’t know how savage it would get until a fan recently left a comment saying; ata nikiwa mlevi aje under the new bikini photos. Alaa alaaar!

Rono’s fans

Too much Confidence?

Okay Okay, the comment definitely sounds so wrong on all levels – but again that’s his opinion.

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While this one fan (Tyson) openly hated on Rono, there are others who went commented encouraging the rest of the fans to be real about the photos; instead of fueling Rono’s posts yet – Vitu kwa ground ni different.

Don’t get me wrong – Rono has indeed lost some pounds and even gained a big booty; but these online streets ain’t favoring unless it’s photoshopped to remove the stretch-marks and making floppy boobs look firm, no?

Checkout the bikini photos below.

Chebet Rono

Rono parades bikini body



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