Janet Mbugua: My son has totally changed ever since I became pregnant 

Janet Mbugua reveals that her son Ethan Huru Ndichu is fully aware that he will have a brother or sister soon. Speaking to her fans on her vlog, Janet explains that her son constantly wanted to be with her ever since she explained to him that he will have a sibling.

“Huru has totally changed, especially after we explained to him about it. I noticed that there is a difference and he constantly wanted to be with me. I tried and explained to him so that he does not get too shocked. But I was told that the transition would be a bit tricky, and that in the first few months there may be a little bit of jealousy. So what I should do is include him in washing the baby and even changing diapers,” said Janet Mbugua.

Boy or a girl?

Janet Mbugua refused to disclose the gender of her unborn baby when asked by her fans. He neither confirmed or denied if she is pregnant with twins.

“I can’t reveal that now guys, maybe at some points,” said Janet Mbugua.



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