Janet Mbugua praises Mike Sonko: I feel like we need more leaders to stand up like him

Since taking the Nairobi County Office, Governor Mike Sonko has been a man facing criticism from his work. Many Kenyans have always insisted he’s not fit for office despite lining up and voting him in.

Janet Mbugua, though not really a fan of the governor, recently took to social media to share that Sonko made the right move after announcing Chandarana Supermarkets licenses’ were revoked after a ‘racist’ email went viral.

Speak up

The leaked email from the supermarket was instructing managers to focus on the white clientele.

“In as much as I don’t think what Sonko did completely solve the issue, cancelling licenses means affecting businesses, means affecting the employees of this company meaning they don’t have work. This is what I will say, the Governor made a strong statement by saying ‘You will treat our people with respect’ and for me, I feel like that is one of the solutions. For leaders to stand up and say ‘Look you are welcome to work in our country, have your own companies and build your own empires but don’t mistreat our citizens.’” said Janet.


“I feel like we need more leaders to stand up and say that …because it’s not just the leaked emails or the apology it’s the nature of how a lot of these companies treat Kenyans. It’s the nature of how the way racism is engrained in these companies; sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes is in your face,” Janet said in her Vlog.


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