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Jimal & Amira Should Now Put Their Family Issues Off Social Media

March 09, 2023 at 10:06
Jimal & Amira Should Now Put Their Family Issues Off Social Media

Amira has finally flaunted receipts of her sentiments claiming that Jimal killed their unborn baby while they were still together.

Before the receipts, Amira had series of exposes where she hurled insults at Jimal; adding that she wishes she never met him for he has made her life miserable.

Amira said she doesn’t regret divorcing her baby daddy Jamal Roho Safi, noting that he would not have picked him given another chance The two parted ways after Jimal had an affair with socialite and influencer Amber Ray The mother of two said she left the businessman because she needed to be happy with herself.

Tbt: Amira becomes a mum

In a quick rejoinder, Amira fired back, stating that she doesn’t want to be associated with Jamal in any way as they are no longer together.

Jimal recently denied the allegations made against him that he physically assaulted Amira while they were together. He further admonished Amira to stop chasing clout & blaming him about their failed marriage.

The two dated when they were both in High school. They started their relationship while in form two.

Their deep revelations should be enough by now and they should try and settle their differences amicably off social media.


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