‘Jimal ni wa nani?’ Amira forced to explain why she lied about her relationship with Jimal

Image: Jimal and wife, Amira

So….a few weeks ago word had it that Amber Ray and Jimal broke up following unknown issues; and before we could digest the new heartache in town – Jimal indirectly confirmed the news with a photo showing him chilling at Amira’s house in Syokimau.

Since he was the one taking the photo, all we could see is a big TV screen and next to him – was Amira’s dera showing from an angle which confirmed he back to his matrimonial home. From how the photo was taken we believe that Jimal was also making it known he is back with wifey…smart.

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Jimal spending quality time with Amira

With this, fans started asking questioning about the two – while some concluded the alleged breakup was just a business strategy to build both their empires and gain publicity. And looking at the number of followers they both gained over the past few months….genius right?

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Amira on relationship with Jimal

With Amber Ray out of the picture and having declared her single status – Amira’s home became the next obvious stop for Jimal and now fans want to know whether she divorced him or not.

As seen on a screenshot shared by Amira, we see a fan asking;

I know most are afraid is asking but let me ask…why would you lie to people that you got a divorce yet you are still with Jimal?


Or maybe we got it all wrong and you are coparenting… so many ladies are asking…you gave so many ladies strength to move on….so kindly address this.

Clearly, the fan took the bull by the horn and having supported her through the tough times – fans needed an explanation from Amira who in response said;

Nikinyamaza mnapenda kunichokoza??? ???????????? it’s the audacity for me.

Not quite what many wanted to hear, but I guess iris what iris! But wait….. what does she even mean?

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