Jimal Roho Safi Denies Physically Abusing His Ex-Wife Amira

After Flamboyant businessman Jimal Roho Safi was accused by his ex-wife of abuse, the he has decided to give his responded to the paramount allegations.

According to Amira, the fella was abusive and he physically assaulted her when they were married.
Amira took to her Instagram and accused Jamal of physically abusing her while she was pregnant with their third child, resulting in a miscarriage.

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Jimal Responds

The father of two, who is during a recent interview, Jimal denied the accusations, adding that Amira was just seeking sympathy from social media.

” Amira is a liar, if she was ever pregnant, she would have shared the news with the entire world. We all agreed to have two children since she suffers from back pains. There is no one time we decided on having another child.”

According to Jimal, the doctor advised Amira against becoming pregnant again and also told her to lose weight due to her medical condition.

Jimal has already moved on with Wangari Thiong’o and together, they’re expecting their first child.

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