Jimal Roho Safi Suggests Intimacy With Cryptic Message After Hanging Out With Ex-Wife Amira

After several months of being away from each other, businessman Jimal Roho Safi and his ex-wife Amira have now hinted that they’re back together after they were spotted celebrating iftar(a meal taken by Muslims at sundown to break the daily fast during Ramadan) together.

Amira further calibrated what was posted on her socials, suggesting a successful co-parenting between them after a while.

She shared via her Instagram stories;

”The same people in my DMs teaching how to co-parent are the same ones who would still troll me if today they heard that Amira is a bad baby mama or a bitter X. Guess what, I might as well do me and y’all will adjust. And if you don’t that’s fine too. Don’t worry I have cried enough I will not come back crying.”

Amira further narrated how the divorce with her husband immensely affected their 2 sons, adding that it led her to take them for therapy sessions.

”Let me tell you how divorce affected my kids to a point I even had to take them for therapy. It has taken me a lot of work to be where I am mentally.

Jimal & Amira Still Close

Having read the latter, it’s important to note what Jimal recently posted on his Instagram stories. Although they might just be co-parenting, Jimal’s hilarious post seems to suggest that they may be intimate even though they both moved on.

Jimal already has a child with his new girlfriend Wangari Thiong’o. And Amira offered to teach Wangari how to cook better meals. I bet Amira is now contented with the fact that Jimal has moved on. But only time will tell whether they still have feelings for each other.


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