Jimal Rohosafi looking overweight in new photo – leaving many convinced he could be depressed

Normally most people assume sudden weight gain is a sign of soft life but truth is – most people whose body weight changes overnight turn out to be depressed.

And for this reason – we believe Jimal has been going through it (depression) on the down low and now that his ex wife Amira appears to have moved on with her life…Jimal seems so focused on his woes forgetting to look after himself.

You see, a man will put his best foot forward – that is – groom himself, watch his diet and of course dress at least like a man with future….something Jimal was so good at until Amber Ray and Amira called it quits on him.

Someone check on Jimal

Well, thanks to his latest photo shared on Instagram recently – many were left shocked at Jimal’s sudden weight not forgetting his rugged look that makes him look quite depressed if not just tired with life.

Is Jimal Rohosafi okay?

Immediately the post went up – Fans in the comment section started pointing out the weight gain and his sense of style….which screams “no effort” and now I can say that everyone too has noticed the changes.

But again, we also remember he is also living with a pregnant girlfriend who is constantly snacking…and being a supportive man – chances are that Jimal is gaining weight to make Wangari comfort…..okay ama niwache story za movie hapa…lol.

Anyway hopefully all is well with Jimal and hopefully he hits back the gym if he wants to keep bagging these fine fine mamaz he likes.

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