Jimal Rohosafi speaks after wife exposes his alleged fake lifestyle

Image: Jimal and wife, Amira

It must be really hard for Jimal Rohosafi now that all the slay queens in Nairobi know; that his lifestyle is financed through loans and as Amira puts it, madeni ya watu.

Jimal is clearly bored from this photo

Well, not to judge but this information should have remained in the family; because at the end of the day bad mouthing him wouldn’t have tamed Jimal; who is already symptoms of boredom from his first marriage.

However, we also can’t blame Amira for her actions as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; and since she was bitter – Amira ended up disclosing this information to blogger Edgar Obare.

Unfortunately for her, the blogger who was meant to keep this information private; sadly spilled it all on his social media pages.

Jimal speaks

Well, having come across the stories and screenshots of his wife exposing him; Jimal in turn decided to speak – but as usual he did not explain himself.

Jimal however went on to share a post that read;

 Sometimes the best response is SILENCE.

Jimal’s post

Although Jimal didn’t choose to explain himself; the post above may have been a sarcastic way of saying ‘believe what you want.’

Jimal and Amira’s toxic relationship

By now even a blind man can see that these two are just too toxic for each other, and unless they both give each other space; the disrespect and humiliation on social media will not only get worse; but someone will end up mental health issues – all in the name of perseverance.

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