Jimal Rohosafi Undergoes Second Hair Transplant in Turkey

Image: Jimal

Matatu businessman Jimal Rohosafi is currently in Turkey for his second hair transplant procedure. He shared a video of himself in a medical facility looking positive and happy.

Jimal was originally scheduled to have the transplant earlier, but had to postpone due to COVID. He has now announced that this will be his last transplant session.

Jimal also praised the doctor performing the transplant, calling him the “best in the world.” He also hinted that the doctor may be visiting Kenya and Africa soon.

In a delighted post on Instagram, Jimal shared photos of himself in the cosmetic clinic and wrote:

“I’m going for the second session. The last one. Best Dr. in the world ranked for hair transplant. Soon he will be in Kenya and Africa. Anasema nimtafutie mtu Kenya nifanye connection ama?”

(Translation: “He says I should find someone in Kenya to make a connection with. Should I?”)

Fans and followers of Jimal have wished him well for his surgery and expressed their excitement at the prospect of the doctor visiting Kenya.

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