Joan Kubai’s house tour of parents’ swanky mansion that has left Kenyans speechless (Video)

Teenage daughter, Joan Kubai has sparked envy and pity in equal measure among Kenyans after publicly flaunting her parents’ six-bedroom house in Runda.

Joan is daughter to city moguls, Isabella Kubai and Peter Kubai who despite their small family composition, reside in a multi-million palatial mansion in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi’s posh estate, Runda.

According to Joan, Kenyans had put pressure on her to showcase their home and trust you me, she did exactly that.

Rich-kid, Ms Joan Kubai

The Tour

She started off at her spacious, luxury room that hosted all sorts of high-end furniture and glassware, before parading her numerous exclusive rooms inclusive of her own bathroom, shoe closet and vast walk-in closet.

Same case was her brother’s room but the girl could not help but brandish how much her parents are in love with paintings – I don’t mean just any ordinary pieces of art – to the extent that every room graced its own.

The inside of the house boasts of luxury furniture, exotic chandeliers, lighting fixtures…you name it!

The Kuabi’s house interior

She took us right through an extra room that she claimed “hasn’t been occupied for a while” with similar features to her room but with an added touch of a hanging balcony that gives us a view of their exterior.

Well-groomed lawn and a swimming pool on one end as the other end caters for family sporting activities best describes their large backyard.

The Kubai´s home exterior

Just so you know, they have a kids’ sitting room which is entirely separate to the other 3 adults’ living room, if I may say. Well, this just got lit as the family also houses a home library.

Their parents’ bedroom is in what she termed an attic which is a room partly inside the roof of a building and projected to the outside.

In this case, the Kubai’s bedroom completely houses a kitchen, an office, 2 balconies and everything else an “ordinary” room in that house boasts of.

The Kuabi’s house interior

The family has two house managers who have their own quarters. And there is also a guest room, which is self explanatory.

Well, turns out there is a lift that exclusively goes to their parents’ room which is on the second floor.

They have a fountain to the outside and sitting areas for luxury and fresh air, but there is a gazebo in the home’s garden where guests and their parents pass time often.

Lastly…they have a gym that they literally don’t use because no one is just up for it. Yah, I know!

Too much has been said, let’s have a look:

Wild reactions

A house tour that feels like you were walking into a royal family’s home but this was sure an example of the kind of life the high and mighty in our society lead.

Her post attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans, some feeling pity for themselves, others purely impressed by the stately view as others were left wishing they were born in the family.

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