Joe Muchiri’s brilliant satirical tweet exposes Kenyan women’s greed

Image: Joe Muchiri

Joe Muchiri is a former Capital FM producer who now plies his trade as a businessman and influencer. His switch from his former life was seen by his haters as a fall from grace but he has managed to not only land on his feet but to also grow from strength to strength.

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Anyway, today we are gathered to muse at the wisdom of Joe Muchiri most recent tweet which I guarantee will have several socialites and trollops foaming at the mouth to decry the brutal honesty of the tweet.

joe muchiri

You see, Kenyan men for a long time have come up holding the short end of the stick whenever they get compared to West African and particularly Nigerian men. A fact that Joe Muchiri admits to being aware of through a good friend of his who was insulted by a lass who said only Nigerian Yahoo boys can provide her with the type of life she desires.

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This is simply the way of the world, women generally do not care how you make your money as long as you make lots of it. It is called hypergamy. Joe Muchiri would do well to start talking to his friend about this concept. Women date and marry up. couple this term (a life philosophy really) with the fact that women do not care where you get your money from and you have the winning formula.

joe muchiri

While Joe Muchiri has arguably had a hard-on for trash-talking about Nigerians but now we understand why. And really, this shows the levels of desperation in Kenyan women. That and the fact that they are clearly being brain-washed by Afro-Cinema. Perhaps it is time for the government to ban the Citizen TV special.

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At the end of the day, however, Joe Muchiri should realize that Kenyan women do not care for Nigerians. They simply care for whomever it is that holds the wallet. It could be a South African or a Martian. Kenyan women just care for whomever it is that holds the wad of cash and the fact that they are ëxotic” is a bonus.

joe muchiri

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