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Why successful women like Joey Muthengi and Kamene Goro cannot find husbands

June 03, 2021 at 09:08
Why successful women like Joey Muthengi and Kamene Goro cannot find husbands

Joey Muthengi and Kamene Goro have in the immediate past expressed an interest in going into the family way. With the former this was expressed with all her musings about wanting to get a child and with the latter, it was her whining about finding a husband and showing off her domestic skills.

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At the end of the day it is only natural for human beings to want to couple up and pair bond. However, double standards exist that explain why two highly successful women cannot actually seem to find men within their salary range an on their level of success or higher who want to commit to them.

Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro

Think about it, there is a reason terms like hypergamy exist; they encapsulate what we have seen in society and help us explain them. That specific terms speaks to the fact that women prefer men who are their betters. Take that piece of information and do with it what you will but it has been proven time andagain that women like Kamene Goro and Joey Muthengi want men who would ideally be earning more than they are and are more successful at life.

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That said, the flip side of this is that they are not the type of women men on that level would be looking for. Therein lies the double standards that have been in existence since time immemorial. Think about it, Kamene Goro is rumoured to be earning about six hundred thousand shillings or thereabouts. She is a truly independent woman who is out of shape and although she has a beautiful face, she admitted she offers her man little to no value seeing as she has slept with 27+ men. Why would a man earning six hundred thousand shillings or more be interested in this dumpster fire situation? At that salary range (shit hole country economics), he is at a buffet of dating options, many of whom would not have a problem with him having a polygamous setup.

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Then we have Joey Muthengi, a woman who is currently 35-years-old and looking to get a child. She is at an age where a pregnancy for her would be termed as “high risk” because it would be a geriatric pregnancy. So a man within her salary range or doing better than her financially speaking would be signing off to first run the risk of struggling to impregnate her naturally thus have to employ the very expensive and unreliable in-vitro fertilization methods to have children… Why bother when he can go to find himself a younger, more agreeable wife and not have to pay a doctor a cent to impregnate her? And we have still not spoken about the costs that could possibly come from a high risk pregnancy…

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The moral of this story is this, it is indeed unfair that successful women struggle to find love and happiness in relationships. Biut life is not fair and if littered with opportunity costs. A woman like either Kamene goro or Joey Muthengi who would want to pursue a successful career ultimately has to sacrifice her hope and dreams of a high value man. that means they will either have to drastically lower their “standards” or they will have to make peace with the fact that they are going to be forever alone.

Joey Muthengi

Joey Muthengi

Why? well attraction is assymetric. Men do not look for “financial stability” in women the same way women do in men. Why? Because as one of my mentors says, “women do not share their pot of gold”. That is why even high earning women will still insist on a man “being a man” and discharging his duties as the provider so why would how much a woman earns factor into his choice of mate? Rather than that, he would rather look for youth and beauty in his wife and co-operativeness.

But what do I know? I am just a university stupid who still gets shocked at the way Kenyans vote for their leaders… That dearth in intelligence doubtless carries itself into men’s personal lives.

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