Joey Muthengi painfully recalls suffering depression after ugly breakup with US boyfriend

Majority tend to put on a brave face the minute they step into the limelight but with a past that tells of a different story and one that masses hardly get the privilege of knowing until the time is right.

Capital FM presenter, Joey Muthengi is a figure to reckon with in the media industry, one who has inspired generations and one who still continues to break the grass ceiling despite the rough terrain.

Unfortunately, unknown to many, the petite radio girl has been battling depression and anxiety since the tender age of 14 which then compelled her to seek professional services.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. I started seeing a therapist at the age of 14 when I was still in Highschool.

Joey Muthengi

The Events

Sharing this on Radio Jambo, Joey vividly recalled how she would run away from school every other time, but she would never understand why.

Sadly, at the time, no actual facts had been established about her kind of behavior and unfortunately, depresssion was going to be a part of her life.

I kept running away from school and I didn´t understand why. My parents wakanipeleka Kijabe wakaniambia kaa huko! Walikuwa wanani-drop shule wananikuta home. I went to Rift Valley Academy. And it´s something you struggle with the rest of your life and its not something that can be cured. I have been on medication before but not currently.

Media personality, Joey Muthengi

Speaking of her time in the US, Joey painfully recalled how she sank into depression after dating a white guy who only ended up leaving her and marrying a different girl without even informing the media personality.

Either way, that has been the story of her life but slowly learning the lessons as time goes by.

Sometimes life happens and the way you react as someone who is struggling with anxiety and depression is that you can be a little extra than a regular person. I have been through some dark times.

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