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Joey Muthengi: Stop tarnishing my name. I don’t love old men, I work hard for my things 

October 29, 2018 at 08:24
Joey Muthengi: Stop tarnishing my name. I don't love old men, I work hard for my things 

Joey Muthengi of Citizen TV has come out to deny a list of things Kenyans have been accusing her lately.

The 10 over 10 host denied dating a governor as many speculated or that she loves old men. Ever since Muthengi opened up on TV about how she prefers dating older men, people have labeled her as a gold digger while others have connected most of her work to favours from these same old guys.

In a long instagram post, Muthengi explained that she has worked hard since her campus days and after returning to Kenya from the US.

Moral discipline

She also said that she has kissed a lot of ass for jobs and like many other ladies, men tried to take her to bed for some of these jobs but she declined. She has avoided shortcuts in her rise and that’s why she’s enjoying her success.

Here’s her full statement:

“Can we kill that other story now about my non-existent ‘old’ men? It was a bit I did for an entertainment TV segment. Never have I ever nor am I planning on ever dating a known or unknown Kenyan Politician or older man for profit.

“I have worked my ass off in this industry since 2009. I’ve been without a place to call my own, been rejected from job interviews cause I wasn’t dressed the correct way, borrowed money from my bro to go print and distribute my CV… yet everyone stayed silent b/c they didn’t know me, been told I wasn’t the right fit numerous times, been in a Ma3 with nothing but my last 50 Bob,(While I was on my 1st TV Show), hanging around Capital FM hoping they might need someone to voice their next ad…? being rejected for jobs time and time again. I’ve had male potential employers try to meet me at pubs rather than offices.

“Honey, I’ve seen it all. Despite the fact that I’d studied & excelled at Journalism (B.A) and interned at the Voice of America in Washington D.C, It all felt like it had all meant nothing at some point.

“But God’s Grace kept me pushing through. You can do your research and quote me on that. So I kept hustling…and many years later here I am ?. Still standing. I’d like to believe that every job I’ve ever gotten…I’ve gotten it on merit.  Clearly sarcasm doesn’t translate well on Social Media. So I apologize for my delivery but thank you for those who got it. ??. Love you ?.

“To the bloggers…Call me ? (Seriously, nobody has called me for a comment in years ?. Yet the articles keep coming…). Ya’ll know my number. I’m happy to give a comment. The tarnishing of my name is not fair. At all. I’m always happy to clear the air. Just ask ?. Jesus still loves you though..amidst all the chaos.

“So let me end this here. Don’t judge people ?. I’m blessed. And I’m forever grateful. I’m not dating a Governor. It was a joke that started on my show. I work as hard now as I did the day when I had nothing. That is all. Bless up ??.”



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