“Joho even contributed towards their wedding” Why Dennis Okari is to be blamed for introducing Betty Kyallo to Joho

Apparently Betty Kyallo’s affair with Hassan Joho started while she was still married to Dennis Okari and not after their breakup – this explains why her marriage only lasted for 6 months.

The Nairobian newspaper revealed finer detail of Betty’s relationship with Joho after a little bird indiscreetly spilled the beans to them.

Joho met Betty through Dennis Okari, the two journalists were still dating when she was introduced to the governor by her then boyfriend.

The Nairobian reports that Okari and Joho were so close, the governor often gave him PR jobs for his businesses which saw Okari head to the Coast regularly.

“Dennis would be working in a different town in Mombasa leaving Joho with Betty. Dennis did not know what was going on, and the relationship blossomed. Joho even contributed towards their wedding,” a source told Nairobian.

Porsche Cayenne, source of conflict
Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road
Joho’s Porsche Cayenne parked at Standard Group headquarters off Mombasa Road

Betty and Okari clashed after the former KTN anchor drove home in a new Porsche Cayenne which Joho had given her. Okari demanded to how and where she got the expensive German machine and Betty finally owned up that it was Joho’s.

She left her matrimonial home and moved into a lavish home in Kilimani which Joho had secured for her. The source told Nairobian that Betty didn’t even bother to pack her belongings when she moved out.





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