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“Jokes on me” Risper Faith throws shade at her small circle of fake friends

May 18, 2022 at 13:16
“Jokes on me” Risper Faith throws shade at her small circle of fake friends

Socialite Risper Faith night just need to cut off some of her so called friends following an incident that went down this past weekend.

According to the socialite she’s always been the kind of friend who is willing to support her friends projects; however after this past weekend – she got to learn that not everybody you call a friend is truly rooting for you.

Risper Faith With her fiancé, Brayo

From her post, we understand that Risper had planned for a lavish intimate event allowing only close friends to attend. To her surprise – none of whom she considers as friends turned up.

Speaking about this, the mother of one uploaded a photo in the company of her husband and the only friend she currently has and captioned;

None of my “friends” attended my event na vile Mimi hu support watu🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂joke on me Thanks @biancah_ironlady , @brayo79 for supporting me

New life new friends

Before meeting husband, Brayo – Risper Faith had friends from all walks of life but after getting married and upgrading her lifestyle – of course she had to let go of some of her old friends.

Risper Faith’s mansion

Mainly because to elevate your life, sometimes you have to separate yourself…and this is what she did – however judging from the post shared above – chances are that she did not sieve all the fake friends the first reduced her circle.

But now that she see’s things abit more clearer – chances are that she might just turn to her hubby for friendship too.


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